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Inkxpert signs deal with Japanese automotive giant Motherson Sumi for marketing mandate

New day, new victory.

Excellence is a gradual result of always striving better and no one knows better than Inkxpert. Inkxpert is a marketing communications company working in creating quality content for companies in a wide range of domains like technology, healthcare, automobile, sports, lifestyle, fashion, education and travel. They have produced phenomenal growth in a short period with their team of passionate content writers churning out original and compelling content.

Inkxpert has won the marketing mandate for Japanese automotive giant Motherson Sumi systems, bringing on a wonderful collaboration between two industry expert striving for quality results. Motherson Sumi systems are stalwarts in the automotive industry with 26% of the company’s business from India. They have made 9 acquisitions in the last 10 years and have expanded their business by 10 times what it was in 1999. This transition from a non-descript company into an industry leader leaves many analysts baffled and amazed.

Inkxpert offers digital marketing services to a great number of individual clients and companies. Akhilesh Panigrahi, CEO of Inkxpert started the company with Rs.5000 and now it values Rs.10 crores. His urge to help growing startups across various sectors motivated him to go on a journey of entrepreneurship. His continuous perseverance and dedication has brought such high standard to Inkxpert providing quality content to his clients.

Search engine optimization, website designing, Ad copywriting are a few services in Inkxpert’s forte. They also provide assistance in research projects and press releases proving holistic and all-encompassing services in the content development sector. They increase the revenue of companies by producing a high conversion rate. Standing point for all product advertising and marketing campaigns they attract huge attention to their client’s business creating new opportunities for them.

Inkxpert launches fierce marketing campaigns creating gripping content on products and services offered, instilling confidence in their clients. They take product position and engagement a notch higher, reassuring potential buyers to avail the services offered. Inkxpert caters its clients based on their necessities, without them having to spend more than required. They have impressive packages like Nano, Mini, Micro and Maxo for the clients to choose from, based on the duration of services required. They also have hourly and monthly working requirements which a boon to many small scale companies and individuals.

Quality always breeds quality and this is new partnership is just another example for that. Inkxpert and Motherson Sumi Systems, two wonderful companies with excellent track records and sure to create great wonders together as birds of the same feathers.

Author- Aamir Peerzade

Young India Gazette

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