Hinjawadi: Woman Injured In Feral Dog Attack

As per the victim, no such incident should take place in a gated society. She also appealed for better lighting in the area.

Pune, October 4, 2020: A woman residing in Sangria Towers in Megapolis, Hinjawadi Phase 3, has claimed that she had a narrow escape last Friday after a small pack of dogs attacked her near their parking area. Geetika Bisht said she suffered major injuries on her limbs, and asserted that while she is not against the animals, something needs to be done to prevent such violent incidents of human-stray conflict.

Narrating what happened, Bisht said, “I had come out for an evening jog after several days, to avoid slipping into lethargy. I was walking near an under-construction building and after a few minutes, geared up for a jog with my favourite song on the earphones. In a moment, I felt my legs were pulled back by a strong force. I was stunned to see six dogs around me. They managed to drag me to the concrete pavement. I did my best to protect myself and screamed loudly, shielding my face from bites.”

She added, “I have multiple bite marks on my right hand and cannot move it. It felt like a fracture. My knees are bruised. I have bite marks on my leg and thigh. The only unhurt part is my face. The bites dug into my muscles, causing continuous bleeding.”

Hearing her yells, resident Himesh Sagar and his wife rushed to the spot. They called her husband and she was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state. “Till now, I have visited six or seven hospitals for proper treatment and to take injections. Himesh Sagar and Pavan Chaubey first took me to a Hinjawadi hospital for initial treatment, as most facilities are now being converted into COVID-19 centres. But due to a shortage of the vaccine I needed, we were then referred to Aundh hospital. From there, we went to Sassoon hospital (near Pune railway station), which is full of corona patients,” she rued.

Bisht has incurred an expenditure of Rs 12,000 and has 6-10 injections to go. “It is difficult to sit, eat and sleep. The ordeal has also caused mental trauma. It has been three days and I still find difficulty in sleeping. I am not against animals, nor do I want to harm them. But I plead for some action in this regard. I do not wish for anyone else to go through it, and definitely not a child or senior citizen,” she elaborated.

As per Bisht, no such incident should take place in a gated society. She also appealed for better lighting in the area.

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