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Inkxpert Foundation launches in Delhi with CSR donation of Rs.3 cr by founder, Akhilesh Panigrahi

For CSR initiative, the Inkxpert Foundation has been set up with an initial donation of Rs.3 cr by Inkxpert India founder and CEO, Akhilesh Panigrahi

In an endeavour to transform and empower children through education, Inkxpert Foundation, CSR arm of Delhi based air cargo, GSA airlines service provider – Inkxpert Global, has taken a pledge to extend its help to government and local communities. The foundation has been directing all their efforts to offer food relief for people who are largely affected by this pandemic specially students, kids and families from underprivileged sections of the capital.

The outspread of coronavirus has impacted millions across the world. The disease is paralyzing economies, overburdening healthcare systems, and upending life as we know it.  The closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic has obstructed the reliefs meant for children from economically weaker sections of society especially Anganwadi kids aged 3-8 years of age. They have been facing difficulties in accessing the basic educational and nutritional services.

Through the collaboration, over 2000 educational and nutritional kits have been distributed to the slum area kids of age 3-6 years. Inkxpert Foundation identified, 1000 of such vulnerable kids belonging to more than 50 Angagwadi’s in Rajinder Nagar area who have been harshly impacted.  The foundation’s efforts are premised on the vision that every child, irrespective of his/her socio-economic conditions has full and equal rights to access proper educational and nutritional support. The 3 centres for the distribution of these kits were – Valmiki Mandir Dusghra village, Chaupal, C Block, Budh Nagar and Sonia Gandhi Camp, Loha Mandi.  To the existing relief efforts of the AAP government, the foundation contributed stationary kits comprising a notebook, pencil box, colour set etc. and nutrition packets to ensure sustenance. Under the coronavirus guidelines, the kids were ensured to be given masks and sanitizers beforehand following social distancing.

National Spokesperson and AAP MLA (Rajinder Nagar) Mr. Raghav Chadha, commenting on the distribution stated, “We are facing challenging times with onset of a pandemic. There are so many students and kids from the Anganwadis that depend on school and meals to nourish their bodies and minds. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all these educational and nutrition-related measures delivered through schools. We are happy to join forces with Inkxpert Foundation in our on-going relief efforts in Rajinder Nagar Legislative Assembly with distribution of stationary and nutrition kits to these kids.”

Commenting on the distribution, Akhilesh Panigrahi, Founder, Inkxpert Foundation said, “Covid has affected many kids and families especially the ones belonging to underprivileged sections of the society. It’s important that we all come together to help those most in need in this critical time. By supporting the dedicated efforts of the AAP Government who continue providing much needed access to food and education, we’re helping ensure that the Anganwadi kids can spend more time focusing on their wellbeing and education for a brighter future.”

With the support of the government the foundation has ensured the continuous need of food resources to these people.  Earlier, they distributed more than 10,000 meals to people from underprivileged sections of society in the Rajinder Nagar area.

Mr. Raghav Chaddha also posted the images from today’s distribution at the centers on his personal Instagram handle.

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