Tata Group Declares Permanent Work For Home For These Employees; Starts Vacating Offices Across India!

On Monday, the domestic steelmaker, Tata Steel has come up with a new working model that facilitates its employees to work from home for up to 365 days a year.

Tata Steel Work From Home Policy

The said policy will allow a large number of its workforce to work-from-home (WFH) even after the pandemic subsides.

The policy which implies ‘Agile Working Models’ is effective from November 1, according to sources.

Now officers who are required to be based out of a particular location can now work from home for unlimited days in a year, according to the new models.

“This policy is a shift in mindset from monitoring to creating trust and outcome-based work culture. Flexible working not only portrays an organization’s intent to create a workplace for the upcoming generations but also solidifies its intent to cater to the needs of its diversified workforce across geographies,” said Suresh Dutt Tripathi, the vice president, Human Resource Management, Tata Steel.

Further, he added, “flexible working provides greater freedom to choose locations and make essential life decisions such as supporting families, be it aging parents or spouse with a non-transferable job,”.

The Work From Home Model Implementation

“The kind of culture we had was that physically being present was important, which became completely unimportant for more than 40-50% of our workforce post-Covid-19,” said Atrayee Sarkar Sanyal, the vice president, human resource management (designate), Tata Steel.

Now the company is planning to start shifting different roles such as IT support, digital marketing, sales and HR, strategy and planning, quality management to work-from-anywhere mode as a part of the strategy.

Sanyal added, “As we get used to the benefits of absolute work-from-home, I can see around 20% to 30% of the roles that can actually work from any location. We are in the process of digitally enabling people with the aim to manage machines and mills remotely,”.

While explaining about the entire model, he said that it will be based on trust with a one-year learning period.

In case of problems regarding salary structure, delivery or employees enjoying too much flexibility, “company will want to have answers”.

He emphasized that the “policy is mostly here to stay.” 

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