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This young pilot will take a high leap towards acting

Actor Pranav Pimpalkar is a great example of how a person who strives for a goal takes a high step in his life, strives to cultivate his passion through perseverance. Pranav has achieved the journey from pilot to actor, fulfilling his dream of flying in the sky, managing both the pilot and acting to fulfill his passion.

When he was a pilot, his passion for acting did not allow him to sit still and that is why, Pranav has always been getting acting lessons from veterans like actor Prashant Damle, Pritam Patil, Mangesh Desai, actress Nirmiti Sawant, Alka Kubal and musician Ajay Atul. Under his guidance, he developed his interest in acting in many plays.

However, Pranav’s quest to make a name for himself in the film industry did not allow him to sit quietly, which has turned him from a pilot to an actor.

choosing career as acting over pilot,what change you feel in your life?

The main change which i  felt in Acting is You can do as many retaks as you want but in aviation you cannot,though i am confident in aviation but their is no Retake once a mistake is done it’s done Risk of life is involved.

What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

Getting famous, the love from people which we receive and its just so fun to see some people or fans choosing you as an Idol and getting inspired by you and your personality And also to send any message and influence people acting is the best method to convey your message to people.

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting since I was in 3rd std and since then i have been acting.

What would you do if a viewer left a harsh review about your performance?

I would check it weather that person is really giving a proper suggestion to consider, But yeah i would certainly do the changes to improve my performance.

What is your philosophy towards work?

Philosophy towards any work weather its related to aviation or acting you should always be loyal  and punctual to your work.

Which methods of acting are you most adept at?

Almost all the methods though i am still learning but the most acting method i am adapted to is theaters.

 How would you rehearse a scene if your partner was absent?

I would just imagine the character or else let someone recite the dialogue of my partner.

How do you show your cast mates the importance of communication?

As an actor you know that ‘telling,’ and ‘showing’ are two very different things. Talk to the interviewer about how you put communication into action during your projects and scenes.

What have you done to improve your knowledge As Actor in the last year?

To improve the knowledge, I have attended a lot of workshops also actors like Chinmay mandlekar, Mangesh desai, Pritam patil have guided me Actress like Nirmiti sawant, Alka kubal have been constantly guiding me.

Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

I believe honesty is alaways the best policy, towards your work and your people.

What projects are you dying to work on in the future?

The project which I’m dyeing to work is with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Where do you see your career in five years As Actor?

Next five years I see my self in Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood, I say that’s the goal for now.

What is special is that after completing his education as a pilot, he decided to make his mark in the film industry only on the strength of his first love when there was a great opportunity for a job abroad. There is no doubt that Pranav will dominate the minds of all the movie lovers due to his acting, choreography, youthful personality and humble nature.

Aamir Peerzade
Young India Gazette
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