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Everyday Essentials- Jivamitra|Success story of a farmer who gets double benefit from organic farming in banana production –

Kantilal Bhimani started organic farming under the guidance of Agriculture Department and Atma officials. (Kantilal Bhimani)

Kantilal Bhimani from Gujarat moved away from traditional farming to organic farming . He planted banana orchards as an alternative to traditional crops. Chose organic farming path along with banana orchard. They did not benefit much from the cultivation of cotton and castor. Therefore, Kantilal Bhimani met the agriculture officials and took guidance on modern farming. Kantilal Bhimani turned to organic farming under the guidance of government officials and Atma Project officials. By reducing the cost of farming by making Jivamrit from cow urine and dung, the cost of spraying their medicines was reduced. (Success story of organic farmer Kantilal Bhimani)

Adopted the path of organic farming

Kantilal Bhimani has a farm of 4 acres in Ratnapur in Mandvi taluka of Kutch district. Kantilal Bhimani started organic farming under the guidance of Agriculture Department and Atma officials. Kantilal Bhimani decided to make Jivamrut for the first time. For this, cow urine and dung were used. Bhimani’s use of jivamrita helped to increase the nitrogen in the soil. Drip irrigation was used to feed the dead crop. The benefit of mortality was that the crop was protected from diseases and pests.

Banana orchard instead of cotton

Kantilal Bhimani decided to change the crop from the agriculture officer and Atma officials. Decided to plant a banana orchard instead of cotton. The effect of drip irrigation on the banana plants made a difference in the taste of the fruit. Bhimani’s decision to adopt organic farming reduced the cost of chemicals, chemicals and labor. Reading this cost saved Bhimani’s production cost.

Earnings doubled in two years

When Kantilal Bhimani initially planted a banana orchard, he produced 28,000 kg of bananas. From this he got 1 lakh 40 thousand. The production cost was Rs 60,000. In the second year, they produced 30,000 kg of bananas. He got Rs 1 lakh 87 thousand as per the market price. After deducting the cost of production by Rs 50,000, they made a net profit of Rs 1 lakh 37,500. In the third year, 30,000 kg of bananas were produced. According to the changed market price, they got 2 lakh 25 thousand. Production cost came to Rs. 70,000. The net profit was Rs 1 lakh 55 thousand.

Sale of Jivamrita in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Kantilal Bhimani, who switched from traditional farming to organic farming, emphasized on the production of Everyday Essentials jivamrit. He started selling it to other farmers in the village. As Jivamrita started getting good customers, he started selling in Mandvi taluka and Kutch district. Everyday Essentials Jivamrita is being sold directly to farmers in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.

Kantilal Bhimani has been honored with various awards for his progress in organic farming. Kantilal Bhimani has also received Sardar Patel Krishi Puraskar 2010, Best Atma Prakalp Shetkari Puraskar.

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