This’ payment app is closed, withdraw your money early and close the account

Digital India has started in India. Many are now paying online. After the ban, many relied on digital payments. Now it has also increased in the Corona era and many people are making online payments.

New Delhi: Digital payment apps have grown exponentially in the country following the ban on banknotes. People have paid the most on these apps due to lack of cash after the ban. Now over the last few days corona virus children have been promoting digital payments in the country. Now the number of digital payment users in the country is steadily increasing. The country’s largest technology companies are also promoting digital payments. Recently, a digital payment app in the country announced the closure of its service in India. If you are using this app, get your money out of it quickly. Also, it is good to deactivate your account.

According to media sources, the digital payment app PayPal will be discontinued across the country. The service of this app will be announced to be closed from April 1. However, PayPal will continue to be used for international payments. If you are using PayPal, you can deactivate your account. If you want to deactivate the account, you have to follow this process. First you go to PayPal’s website. Then go to settings. Go to Account Options after going to Settings. Then enter your bank account number. Then go to the new page and click on Close Account. If your account does not close this way, you can also close this account via email.

serves around 190 countries around the world. There are about 100 million account members in this country. In India, PayPal launched its service in 2017. Digital Payment is a website. From which online payment is made. So with the help of this many users can transact at international level. With the help of PayPal, users can easily transfer money from one country to another.

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